Friday, April 22, 2011

Rides with Strangers

I have found recently that I seem to have a knack for meeting interesting/strange people. Not only do I meet these people, but I occasionally receive rides home from these kind strangers.

Now, before you (my huge fan base) start lecturing me about getting rides home with strangers, relax. I know the dangers, I am careful, and I (almost) never get random rides home anymore.

With that said, lets go back a few weeks to Mardi Gras. Missoura (my roomie) and I were looking pret-TY foxy in our beads and Mike Tyson warpaint, and we were ready for an exciting night on the town!

Unfortunately, Beantown wasn't quite ready for Missoura and I. The "rockin club" we planned on going to turned out to be populated mainly with lesbians over the age of forty. With long lines and dwindling cash, Missoura decided to meet up with friends at Tavern on the Square and I decided to head home.

Armed with a skimpy dress and cash in hand, I was appalled to find that no cabs were stopping for me!

Finally, a green toyota corolla pulled up. I peered inside to see a hunched, hobbit-like old man with half a mouthful of teeth beckoning me closer. In my inebriated state of mind, I found his offer to take me home for a small fare was very generous.

In I went! After clarifying that I had no cash, I almost immediately lost my house key underneath his seat. While I dug around his car for the next five minutes until "Ah HA!" I found the vital key, he drove me to the nearest ATM. Thoughtful of him, wasn't it? I hopped out of the car, skipped into the Citizen's Bank kiosk, and promptly turned back around when I realized that I only had my credit card on me.

So, do you think he drove away when I came back empty handed?


He proceeded to drive me to a grocery store that was on the way to my apartment, where I helped him pick out 11 dollars worth of groceries which I then charged to my credit card. Afterwards, he promptly dropped me off at my apartment and drove back to, I suspect, find someone to help him finish his grocery shopping.

         :                      :                       :                       :                      :                      :

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello Blogging World!

So, after imagining, designing, procrastinating, and tweaking,  I have finally started a blog!

DISCLAIMER:  I will over-punctuate my sentences. I was an English major, but I will spell things wrong. I will talk about my dog, a lot. I will make assumptions, and if a post doesn't seem to "pop" like I want, I might add "and then I found five dollars" to the end.

Now, since people LOVE pictures (since reading more than a few sentences in a row can be pretty exhausting) I thought I would add a picture right off the bat.

This photo was taken this morning, and it made me extremely hopeful that warm weather is on it's way! The fact that I could see my breath at the end of the work day, however, completely crushed that hope.

I have found myself wondering lately (on those delightful, but rare, warm weather days), how long it will take Bostonians to stop saying "isn't it nice outside?"Currently, any day we get above 50 degrees people can't seem to stop commenting "it's so warm out!" "you don't even need a jacket!" What are we going to talk about when 70 is the low for the day?

I will leave you with a question: What do you think the meaning of life is?

Ok, just kidding. Question for the day:

What's your favorite type of soup?