Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Harvard with Strangers

I knew my day was going in a good direction when I got an email at work about appetizers and drinks at a nearby restaurant. And I was NOT disappointed. Thanks to our fabulous PR team, I was able to enjoy a plethora of fresh gnocchi, pasta, pizza, and seafood on the house. It was one of the most incredible, appetizing (pun intended) dining experiences I had had in a while! Thank you nebo.

Did I forget to mention the fabulous wine? Check out the empty glass! This is their arugula pizza... yum!

After waddling to the T, I made it to Harvard Square with time to spare before improv started at 8. I was really into the book I was reading on the T, and I had to walk through Harvard's campus anyways to get to improv, so I decided to check out the Harvard college scene.

Nose in book, glancing sideways at students and wondering if anyone actually thought I went to Harvard, I made my way to a promising looking building. (one that looked like it might have toilet paper and a hole to pee in)

Feeling like a secret agent on a super stealth mission, I somehow managed to blend in with the college crowd and used the facilities. While exploring one of numerous bulletin boards, I found this:

Yep. That's exactly what I think when I use the labyrinth that is Facebook, why haven't I topped Facebook and made myself a cool one billion like Mark Zuckerberg??

As if I wasn't feeling out of place enough, I stumbled across the library. Now, this thing is massive, and gorgeous, with steps that make you want to film a montage of someone working out just so that you could include that glorious staircase. Glancing to my left, then to my right (I was checking for the your-way-out-of-your-league police), I bravely made my way towards the Parthenon-like structure. About six steps up, I noticed a sign outside of the building. "A Harvard ID is required for entry" Crap. I casually started looking through my bag, "answered" my phone, and paused on the steps. (the outta-your-league police are always watching)

Nobody tells me where I can't go! I'm entering that library one way or another by the end of the summer.


Oh it's on Harvard.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Double Sleepovers with Strangers

Ok, disclaimer: when we had the double sleepover, we weren't strangers anymore. But I got your attention, right? And, the story of how I met Pedal last fall is a good one.

Missoura found an event on craigslist (that is a common start to our stranger stories) that advertised itself as a Contra Dance. With nothing better to do on a Friday night, we decided to check it out. After arriving at the host church (what single 25 year old doesn't frequent their local parish at 9pm on a Friday??) we were surprised to find that there was a $7 cover. But, we were ready to swing our partners 'round, and there was a live band! So in we went.

Turns out, it wasn't exactly a Contra Dance. It was Bulgarian dancing night! It was actually surprisingly fun. We joined hands with the nearest stranger in one big circle and attempted to mimic the fancy footwork of our neighbors.

About half an hour and two completely un-spiked apple juices later, we spotted each other.

Amidst the mom jeans and soon to be senile, there was another youngster among us! (although really, anyone under the age of forty could have been considered young) Now, while we did consider the fact that she was voluntarily Bulgarian dancing on a Friday night, this girl looked pretty normal, so we nonchalantly sauntered over.  It turned out that she was pretty good, so she gave us tips while we attempted friendly banter and smashed her toes.

As the event wound down and Pedal grabbed some water, Missoura and I had a quick huddle.

Me: "Pedal seems really cool! Would it be weird if we got her number?"
Missoura: "I know! No, I was totally planning on it, she's awesome"

And from there it was history.

Fast forward six months.

This weekend consisted of one fantastic double sleepover filled with facials, gardening, and CHOCOLATE with the fabulous Pedal. Thank you Bulgaria.

This past friday, grilling outside turned into beer and facials with a side of Zoolander. (who do you think does the best blue steel?)

Missoura, hoeing it up as usual

               On Saturday, we planted the garden!

Naughty dog, tied up so he can't sneak off!

Missoura let a pumpkin from Halloween sit outside all winter, and now it's sprouting!

What strangers have you met recently?

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