Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Harvard with Strangers

I knew my day was going in a good direction when I got an email at work about appetizers and drinks at a nearby restaurant. And I was NOT disappointed. Thanks to our fabulous PR team, I was able to enjoy a plethora of fresh gnocchi, pasta, pizza, and seafood on the house. It was one of the most incredible, appetizing (pun intended) dining experiences I had had in a while! Thank you nebo.

Did I forget to mention the fabulous wine? Check out the empty glass! This is their arugula pizza... yum!

After waddling to the T, I made it to Harvard Square with time to spare before improv started at 8. I was really into the book I was reading on the T, and I had to walk through Harvard's campus anyways to get to improv, so I decided to check out the Harvard college scene.

Nose in book, glancing sideways at students and wondering if anyone actually thought I went to Harvard, I made my way to a promising looking building. (one that looked like it might have toilet paper and a hole to pee in)

Feeling like a secret agent on a super stealth mission, I somehow managed to blend in with the college crowd and used the facilities. While exploring one of numerous bulletin boards, I found this:

Yep. That's exactly what I think when I use the labyrinth that is Facebook, why haven't I topped Facebook and made myself a cool one billion like Mark Zuckerberg??

As if I wasn't feeling out of place enough, I stumbled across the library. Now, this thing is massive, and gorgeous, with steps that make you want to film a montage of someone working out just so that you could include that glorious staircase. Glancing to my left, then to my right (I was checking for the your-way-out-of-your-league police), I bravely made my way towards the Parthenon-like structure. About six steps up, I noticed a sign outside of the building. "A Harvard ID is required for entry" Crap. I casually started looking through my bag, "answered" my phone, and paused on the steps. (the outta-your-league police are always watching)

Nobody tells me where I can't go! I'm entering that library one way or another by the end of the summer.


Oh it's on Harvard.



  1. Pretend that you are applying for a job but dress up like a fabulously stereotypical librarian and they can't turn you away!

  2. haha, good idea Missoura! They'll never know what hit them.